To heat, or not to heat?

At The Factory we can build your van with a several heating options

Not everyone has the same internal temperature gauge, and what is warm for one is baltic for another! Some hardy folk have in the past opted for a conversion without heating. With aren’t very hardy though, and infact are a bit soft. We like to be kept warm when we’re away, so here are the options:     

1) An electric plinth heater. Great for those that will pretty much always be camping when hooked up to the electrics. A good option too in terms of price, with it costing just £495. It won’t work when you are ‘off-grid’ i.e. when you park in a forest car park .

2) An Eberspacher diesel heater complete with thermostat. We can’t live without this in our vans. ‘Mrs FC’ would probably choose this item over a steering wheel, infact. It works on or off grid. Simply set the thermostat to the temperature you need, and leave it. There is nothing more comforting that hearing the quiet whirr of the heating at 4.45am when it’s raining outside. It doesn’t cost the earth either, at £995 inc Vat, and it will increase the resale value of the van. 

Please contact us to find out more.