• Each donor vehicle undergoes a thorough check to ensure it is in good mechanical condition and any rectifications/service work is carried out as required
  • A chassis spreader bar is fitted underneath the vehicle. This spans the width of the underside of the vehicle and is the part of the van that the bed frame is bolted to, giving both stability and safety to the conversion
  • All of the gas, electric and water installations are checked to ensure they are operating correctly and safely.
  • Approved seat belts are fitted¬†to the rear seats.
  • Upper bed platform is certified to support a total of 200kg (over 30 stone!)
  • Quality parts are used, from suppliers such as Eberspacher, Webasto and Dometic.

After the conversion is finished, a Habitation Check is completed which lasts for 12 months and runs alongside your initial 12 month conversion warranty. Upon the expiry of the 12 month warranty, you have the option of extending it for a further 12 months by having your first annual Habitation Check performed down at base in Warwickshire, where everything is thoroughly tested once more.  You can continue to do this on an annual basis and your lifetime warranty will stay in place for as long as you own the vehicle and keep having the annual Habitation Check done.