You can also get your dream camper van by asking us to convert a VW Transporter van that you already own. This way you know the vehicle inside out; you're confident of its condition and history. We carry out the conversion  to your exact requirements and charge you purely for the conversion work.


When it comes to choosing the spec for your van, you can visit us to select your own combination of upholstery, furniture, floor and wheels. We can either hand your converted camper back to you with just the conversion in place, or we can carry out service/MOT works, and also any paintwork as required, so your van is ready to go. This will work for you if you have maybe bought a van through work, or perhaps you have found the perfect donor van that ticks all of your boxes, and you want someone to do the conversion work rather than embark upon a time-hogging self-build. 


Your camper van is then converted in approximately 6 weeks. 


Use the 'Get in Touch' contact form below to ask us about converting your own van.  Click to Layout Options to see prices for different layouts.