Read Jamie’s story

Jamie was looking for a larger LWB VW Camper Van and saw our stunning late T5 180bhp DSG van on the Factory Campers website. Wanting to spend slightly more time away from work whilst still retaining the use of a vehicle that he could use for work, one of our vans was the perfect solution. The fact that our van already had a towbar was helpful, as he also wanted something to tow his motorbike. Being a very tall gentleman, he also challenged us to find a solution to the traditional ‘feet overhanging the end of the bed’ issue that he’d found in other vans.

Challenge accepted! We asked our upholstery company to build a 12 inch wide bed extension in the same material as the bed to make his nights away more comfortable. Upon collecting his new van he was so happy that he kindly presented us with 6 bottles of wine (not necessary at all, but always very welcome!) 

We hope that you continue to enjoy your new van Jamie!!