Read Lindsey’s story…..

Lindsey came to us with the most bespoke requirements we’ve had so far, and we think we did a pretty good job at making her vision become reality. As a local business owner she was interested in having a camper van that reflected the tasteful nature of her work as a kitchen designer. We specced up a van from scratch which was built in Germany and delivered in 10 weeks to our dealer. This gave Lindsey the advantage of being able to add Sat Nav, factory swivel seats, a tailgate, and an electric latch for the side door.  

Shortly after arriving in the UK, the donor van entered our factory and we started the conversion process. Having a clear vision of what she wanted, we presented lots of different options to Lindsey. She opted for Stone Gloss cabinets, bespoke upholstery (supplied by us at no additional cost), and she actually provided her own lino for the floor which we got our fitters to install on top of a sturdy board base. We even designed a bespoke logo for the van, which set everything off nicely. 

The van took 5 weeks to convert. When it arrived back here we met up to hand over the van, and ‘delighted’ was an understatement! 

It was great to deal with Lindsey and do something that was totally unique, and to be able to create something so personal to her. 

Enjoy your van, we hope you have many years of having great adventures in it!!