Read Roth and Sally’s Story

Roth and Sally had their eye on one of our ‘Beachboy’ vans towards the end of last year, and just missed the boat with a stunner that had an orange theme.  Once the dust had settled on missing that one, we presented some options for similar donor vehicles, that would allow Roth and his wife Sally to choose the spec of their van from the many choices inside our showroom.  Roth and Sally drove over one Saturday morning and Roth wisely left the interior choices to his wife.  After several ice-ages had eventually passed, Sally decided upon a lime gloss interior and colour pack.  We then got the van built to their exact specification, for production over Christmas.

Fast forward to January and their van was ready.  This time they came over on the train with two adorable kids in tow, and we arranged a car to collect them from the station.  They loved their van and the kids took no time in starting to explore. 

We hope you have many great years in your van guys, and create lots of memories!