Read Scott & Emma’s story…

Scott and Emma had been searching for a Camper Van for some time but had been worried about the quality of some of the conversions that they had been to view. After receiving a recommendation from a friend, they contacted Factory Campers and came down to our showroom in Cheshire. Scott & Emma put down a deposit on one of our donor vans – a lovely low mileage 15 plate in Metallic Blue – a tribute to their beloved Oldham Athletic. The conversion element was quite detailed. Emma wanted the stunning black plank floor with carbon ash cabinets, and Scott wanted additional LED lighting, in addition to the usual stuff that comes as standard with one of our conversions (pop top roof, hob, grill, sink, water system, electric hook up, windows, curtains, flooring / cabinet / wheel choices etc). The result was a vehicle that was delivered to them that was beyond their expectations and that will serve them well for years whilst retaining a large percentage of it’s original value due to the extremely slow depreciation that is associated with our conversions. We hope to see them back in the future! 

Scott: “We’d been worried about the safety aspects of some of the vehicles we’d see, and having kids in the van you can’t afford to mess about. Factory Campers explained about the way that their vans are converted and even went into great detail to explain how the rear seats are rigidly connected to the vehicle and things like that. Once we’d got past that we went into great detail with the cabinet choices as we wanted a bit of a wow factor which is what we got. We went for the carbon ash cabinets with black plank floor – it looks absolutely brilliant”. The service we had from Rich was fantastic and we’ll be spreading the word!”

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