Steve & Myra’s Story

In the 1990’s Steve & Myra had owned an old VW Transporter Camper Van and loved the lifestyle it gave them.  Years later they found themselves in a position to be able buy another camper van and once again they chose a VW Transporter, albeit a slightly newer one this time!

After they started their search, they quickly found Factory Campers and both Myra and Steve fell in love with this lovely red LWB.  Myra is an artist and appreciated both the layout and the look of the interior of the van.  The furniture is in Stone, with a black plank floor and the upholstery is finished with a double diamond stitch in red to match the exterior colour of the van.

Steve and Myra have plenty of plans for adventures in their new van, starting with attending the Womad Festival, just a few days after they took the van. 

We wish them both all the best for good times in the camper.