The last of the Iconic VW Transporter Campervans

The VW campervan has been a quintessential leisure vehicle for most of our lifetimes.  Campervans based on the VW Transporter are truly iconic and have been around since production of the VW Transporter started in 1949.  We can still see some fabulous examples of the wonderful split screen campers from the 1960’s.

With production of the latest model, the T6.1 Transporter now ceased, the new T7 is eagerly awaited.   This next generation of Transporter won’t arrive until Spring 2025 and while styling and some details are under wraps, we do know that the new T7 is a joint venture between Ford and Volkswagen.   

So, the VW Transporter campervan will never be the same again!

With a finite supply of Transporter T6.1 models diminishing, we have been busy securing the best T6.1 base vehicles we can, at the best costs possible, in order to provide quality campervans at competitive prices.   We have sourced T6.1 vans with the right specification and got to work installing Camperking conversions so that we can offer the last of the true VW Campervans.   If one of our ready converted vans doesn’t quite hit the mark, we have access to many donor vans which are suitable for a bespoke conversion.

Don’t regret waiting, get one of the last iconic VW campervans now.  Along with embracing campervan life and making fabulous memories, your camper will become a true classic and will depreciate extremely slowly!