What is a ‘Bespoke Conversion’?

We will always have campervans in stock ready to drive away.  You will see a variety of conversion layouts and interiors on the vans we have for sale, but how does a ‘bespoke conversion’ work?

A bespoke conversion gives you the opportunity to not only choose your preferred layout (there are 3 options for a short wheel base van, and 4 options for a long wheel base van) but you can then select your favourite finishes, materials and colours.   The experience of designing a bespoke conversion allows you to choose your own upholstery (from a very wide choice of materials and colours), the furniture finish and colour, the flooring, the worktop and even the colour of the trim on the furniture.  A bespoke conversion also allows you to change the colour of your fridge!

You can design your new campervan to your own taste and to your exact requirements.

So what about the ‘donor’ van?  It’s simple, we can convert any T5 or above VW Transporter.  You can find the van yourself and bring it to us to convert, or we can source the donor van for you.  We have excellent relationships with several VW commercial dealers and over the years we’ve been able to drive down the cost of our donor vans by negotiating great discounts.  So, for a new van, you won’t find a better place to source your donor van, than through us.  We have a steady supply of ‘donor’ vans ready for conversion, so it’s always worth checking with us what’s in the pipeline.

Once you’ve decided on your donor van, we invite you to come along to our site and in our ‘Conversion Lounge’ we can help you to select all your options and finishes.  Of course at this stage you can also add any extras you might need – perhaps a diesel heater, or solar panel is required?  Your final selections are transferred to a ‘Build Sheet’ and the total price is confirmed.  

Your van is then sent to CamperKing, along with your ‘Build Sheet’.  The conversion is then hand built to a high quality by accredited staff.  Alongside the conversion choices, CamperKing will install full camper facilities including water supplies, electric supplies, gas appliances and fridge.  The conversion process can take as little as 4 weeks.

So, do you pay more to have a bespoke conversion over the price of the same campervan if it was on our forecourt?  No, you don’t; here is no premium to pay!

You can find the prices of our conversions, along with the costs of any extra options here.