Dave & Laura’s Story

Customers for the second time!  Dave and Laura purchased a camper van from us a while ago and whilst they were extremely happy with their camper van, they decided that they would like to upgrade to a Transporter Highline van.   The Highline has several great extras like air conditioning, parking sensors, heated windscreen and cruise control.  We found a fabulous silver van for them which had the added benefit of having a tailgate and we upgraded the tailgate struts to accommodate a bike rack for them.  Dave and Laura went for a similar look inside the van, with the same furniture and floor as previously, but this time for the furniture they chose a lovely grey vinyl with a diamond stitch in Duck Egg Blue.  

They were able to switch to a higher specification van as there is a very slow depreciate rate on our camper vans and their van had only depreciated by a small amount. 

Dave and Laura were very sorry to see their old van go as they’d enjoyed some fabulous trips in it, but they were both very excited about their new van and were looking forward to some new adventures in it.