Read Lisa and Daren’s story

Lisa and Daren visited us towards the end of last year and viewed some of our ready-to-go vans that we had for sale. Whilst they were impressed by the quality of the conversions, none of the vehicles that we had quite ticked all of their boxes. We offered them a solution which was for them to spec up one of our carefully-sourced donor vehicles to their exact taste. They settled on one of our ex-Sky TV vans, which come as standard with Sat Nav, Air Conditioning and a few other goodies that make them worthy donor vans. Lisa then got onto the fun bit, which is speccing up the van.

The choices were made (including blue gloss cabinets, a retro check floor, diesel heater, and a 2 seat RIB bed with black vinyl & blue diamond stitching) and the vehicle ordered. Fast forward a few weeks and we met up one Saturday morning to do the handover. Lisa and Daren were really pleased with their new camper van. 

Happy adventuring!