New Cotswold Colours added to the Factory Campers range

We are delighted to add some fabulous new colours to our range of cabinets and upholstery. 

The new Cotswold colours for cabinets come in Seagrass, Cappuccino, Duck Egg and Stone.  They are a tranquil and harmonious addition to the variety of colour choices available when you design your own conversion.  For those that appreciate a more classic look, these are perfect teamed with a Driftwood or Ash floor. 


Of course, these beautiful options aren’t for everyone, many prefer the contemporary and fun look that gloss furniture gives.  Seen here are the blue, orange, lime and pink.  Gloss cabinets also come in red, purple, black and white.  Some of the gloss options look fabulous with a black and white check floor.


We also have some great new upholstery options, the Beach range has just been added….


Here’s the grey stripe fitted in a recent van conversion, and just some of the other colours available.

Where will your inspiration take you….?

Note: We’ve tried to get accurate representations of the colour’s but they never look as good as seeing the real thing.  Please come and visit us to view all the choices of cabinets, upholstery and floors.