Andy & Rebecca’s Story

We love it when someone comes to visit us based on a recommendation, so when Andy came to check out our camper vans, he already felt comfortable with us, as his brother had previously bought a camper van from Factory Campers.  You can’t get a better recommendation than that!

The ready converted camper that Andy chose was a firm favourite of ours.  In Indium Grey and kitted out in Seagrass furniture and grey vinyl upholstery, which had stitching in a diamond style in Seagrass to match, the look was completed with an Ash floor.  This high spec van was already fitted with a heater and windout sunshade so the camper ticked all the boxes for Andy and Rebecca.

Andy and Rebecca have 3 young children and a dog and they plan on having some great adventures in the van.  They hope to travel throughout Europe and to holiday in the van in Switzerland in the summer.  They certainly will be making the most of their purchase and when not travelling afar, they will simply all go to the beach for the day in the van.   Happy days!

Andy commented that he was very happy with the excellent communication from us from the start to the finish of his purchase.  We’re always there to guide our customers through their purchase.

Happy camping guys, here’s to the freedom you’re looking for!