Read Helen’s Story

Helen approached us with a very clear vision in mind.  She had seen another camper van that she loved, and wanted us to recreate it.  Armed with photos and her wish list, we set about our task.  The donor van was selected from our stock and had already been prepared to the point of having its roof done and walls carpeted.  Helen chose the spec and went for a 1/2 respray in Danish Blue.  We custom made the stunning seats in the exact shade that she wanted, and supplied blue gloss cabinets.  Fast forward 6 weeks, and the whole family came over to take delivery and have a full handover.  (Helen wins for the most competent person ever to operate the tamper-proof water inlet by the way, and put the boss to shame).  Off they went, to sleep in the van on their drive that night!  One of the many benefits of having a diesel heater as part of your spec!!

Enjoy your camper van guys, we hope you create many happy memories in it.